Results for Us

Examples of Dan successfully negotiating and delivering results:

Delivered new County funding for our fire departments. For three years County government has provided a fair share of public safety sales tax dollars with all 22 fire departments, based on an agreement forged by Dan and others. Please join Dan in giving another boost to volunteer fire departments by voting Yes on Measures D and E.

Secured $700,000 for the Summers Lane Reservoir, protecting Fort Bragg from droughts. Seeing State grant dollars poised to go elsewhere, Dan stepped in. He convinced his colleagues on a seven-county panel to approve an alternate funding package with $700,000 that helped build Fort Bragg’s much-needed reservoir, protecting the Coast economy.

Promoted more housing through new incentives and public workshops. Working with community members in the Coast Housing Action Team, Dan amended County policies and informed residents of new opportunities to construct second units.

Re-opened the County’s coast animal shelter. Seeing Coast residents driving to Ukiah to pick up their lost dog, Dan worked with supervisors and staff to re-open the County’s coast shelter.

Stabilized County finances by doubling reserves and curtailing administrative costs. With Dan’s support, supervisors eliminated two top-paid administrative positions and expanded rainy-day reserves from $17 million to $37 million.

Brought about the resurfacing of 31 roads in the 4th District, more roadwork than in any other district. At Dan’s urging, supervisors added $6 million for road preservation, and 4th District residents were big beneficiaries.

Sharing with Us

On the air at Public Radio, KZYX.

Each week, year after year, Dan invests substantial time connecting you with County news and services.

Following each board meeting, Dan prepares meeting notes for Joe Regelski, who reports to you the next morning on The Coast FM.

Also, on the fourth Monday of the month, Dan is interviewed on-air at 7:30am on KMUD FM.

In addition, Dan routinely shares County news on his Dan Gjerde 4th District Supervisor page, and actively posts information and replies to questions on the 4th District Facebook page.

Finally, here are examples of Dan’s work for you in local media:

Public Radio KZYX FM
Dan fielding live, on-air calls.
Housing with Accessory Dwelling Units.

Fort Bragg Advocate-News & Mendocino Beacon
Workshop on Accessory Dwelling Units.

Real Estate Magazine
Home-Grown Housing – Housing Action Team of Mendocino’s North Coast